what’s this ‘Karma shack’ about?

Who is the Karma shack?

Hi, my name is Leontien Reedijk. I’m a massage therapist and yoga teacher, amongst many other trades. Born in the Netherlands (hence the unpronounceable name), I have lived on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua since 2005. I try to live with the flow of life as it comes, always seeking the opportunities behind the obstacles. When I was let go from my last career job in 1999 I bought a one-way ticket to Bombay, India and went travelling. I deleted the idea of “office life” as an option for fulfilment. 6 years later I landed on this little island.

The Karma Shack, my one-woman yoga and massage studio, opened its Dutch doors in 2011. Every day since, it has brought me lots of joy and fulfilment. Then a wild cat walked into my life, and a whole new chapter seemed to take off…….


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meet pumpkins

Formerly known as the king of the jungle, Pumpkins has slowly changed into a loving house cat. Being the cat-alyst that has set this blog in motion, he is featuring here in the role of Major Muse. Although he will not have a narrative voice of his own like the Dalai Lama’s cat, his stoic silence in answer to my questions and observations (yes I was talking to the cat!) has made me hear my own inner voice much better. And that kick-started me to write a blog and possibly a book….


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Promote your Business the Right Way


The Karma Shack is my business, a yoga and massage studio, but it is also very much my muse that has really helped me find my passion and gotten me onto my life’s path.

Between the cat and the Karma Shack I have learned many things that make my life so much more inspired, fulfilling and balanced. I have slowly grown to be a much better version of myself: happier, healthier, more patient and compassionate, and full of joy and gratitude every single day.

On this website I will share all I have learned about creative living, hoping to inspire you to find your own happiness and become the best possible version of yourselves as well! 

Some of the content you will find on this website may put a smile on your face, or just make you laugh out loud. Some things might push your buttons, or really not resonate with you at all, but  hopefully a lot of it will, in one way or another, change your look on life a little bit. In random order of possible appearance and importance I will post about:

  • Karma (of course!)
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Healthy Habits
  • Physical and Emotional Wellness
  • Life Hacks
  • Mindfulness
  • Doing something different
  • Comfort Zone
  • The Power of Thought
  • Book Reviews 
  • Inspirational quotes, art and photos
  • Pumpkins the Cat that changed my mind


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 karma shack Services

The Karma Shack is located at Hotel Sunrise Paradise (aka Carlito’s Place) on Cocal Beach on the east side of Little Corn Island, Nicaragua



Every morning (Mon-Sat) at 8.30 am, when the air is still fresh, you can join me for a wonderful experience of yoga in direct communication with nature. The Karma Shack opens up on three sides to a beautiful jungle garden while it has the sound of the ocean in the background.





Whether you just want to relax or really need some work on tight shoulders or a sore back, a Karma Shack massage is a truly healing experience. You can choose between Swedish, Deep Tissue and Shiatsu massages, get your feet pampered in a Foot Reflexology session or rejuvenate your face with a Teishin acupressure treatment. 


energy balancing work 

With these interactive Polarity Therapy sessions we work on unblocking stuck energy (emotions) and bringing it back to a balanced flow between the negative and positive poles in your body.




A Karma Shack meditation session is a truly inspiring experience. Whether we do a breathing meditation, some chanting or a guided meditation, your mind will be quiet by the time we finish.

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 Photo gallery

Have a look at the Karma Shack and its surrounding garden and garden dwellers