What the karma shack Offers

Due to the current situation in Nicaragua The karma Shack has closed until further notice.

The Karma Shack is the first independent yoga and massage studio on Little Corn Island, where you can find massage, yoga and wellness retreats in the setting of the quiet and cooler windward side of the island. Founded in 2010, I have been running this little holistic centre by myself since the beginning. The beautiful little wooden building sits in a lush and colourful jungle garden which creates an atmosphere of peaceful seclusion that will make your Karma Shack treatment or yoga session truly relaxing (read some reviews here).

The Karma Shack offers Swedish, Deep Tissue and Shiatsu/Acupressure massage, foot reflexology, Teishin facial acupressure, yoga, meditation, Energy Work and Emotional Freedom Technique tutorial sessions.


reservations are not available until further notice.

Preliminary reservations for any of the treatments can be made either by phone (+505) 8367 9359 (no voicemail) or by email (possible only for bookings at least 5 days ahead, for reasons of unreliable internet services). To confirm your booking and secure your spot, both for yoga and for all treatments, please come by the Karma Shack to write your name on the sign-up sheet and leave a $10 (minimum) deposit in the letterbox at the back of the building. Without a deposit your reservation is not confirmed!


massages/body work


swedish and deep tissue MASSAGES

SWEDISH MASSAGE is a relaxing and re-energizing massage with oil on bare skin. A Karma Shack massage can be an intensely soothing and healing experience (read some testimonials below or on Tripadvisor). You can choose between a back/neck/head massage ($40) or a full body massage ($55).

If you need a more therapeutic treatment you can opt for a DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: either an upper body session ($50) or full body massage ($65). In these sessions there will be ample time to work deeper into your tense areas like shoulders, back or glutes.

 With both your Swedish or Deep Tissue full body massage you can opt to add on CUPPING for an extra healing boost ($10 extra)

shiatsu MASSAGE/acupressure

SHIATSU MASSAGE is a full body treatment (clothed) using pressure with thumbs, hands, knuckles or fore arms on your body. It is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and works with the meridians (energy pathways) in the body. It is a very relaxing treatment, and can be combined with specific ACUPRESSURE treatments, holding certain pressure points, to bring relief for particular physical issues. (An acupressure session is preceded with a short assessment 24 hrs before the actual treatment). A general Shiatsu session takes 45-60 minutes ($45). Specific acupressure treatments take up to 90 minutes and cost $60.


foot reflexology

The tradition of FOOT REFLEXOLOGY is also based on acupressure and considers the sole of the foot a reflection of the whole human body. Massaging the foot in combination with thumb pressure on certain pressure points on the sole is almost like a full body treatment and can be very relaxing and healing. A full treatment takes appr. 1hr and costs $40 


teishin facial treatment

TEISHIN FACIAL ACUPRESSURE is a non-invasive acupressure technique that goes back to the days before they invented acupuncture needles. The Teishin is a small pendulum-shaped tool made out of semi-precious stone with a golden tip on one end and a small silver ball on the other. Putting light pressure with the Teishin on certain acupressure points in the face can not only alleviate headaches, (chronic) sinus problems or clenched jaw syndrome, but may also improve eye sight and diminish wrinkles! In combination with a facial steam bath, a natural clay mask and a short facial massage at the end it is a wonderfully rejuvenating treatment for your face. A complete session takes about 1 hr and 15 mins and costs only $35.



The Karma Shack YOGA SESSIONS are based on traditional Hatha Yoga, with a personal touch from yours truly. My way of teaching makes the classes accessible for all levels, which does not mean they are always easy:-) Every session has a different focus and a different pace, so if you take several classes during your vacation you will have quite a different yoga experience each time. There is always ample time for breathing meditation at the start of a session and relaxation at the end. The groups are  small (max. 5 people) so that the session can be adapted to the level of experience of the participants. Regular yoga sessions take place on Monday thru Saturday mornings at 8.30 am, $10 p/p (this includes a water refill). Please sign up the day before to secure your spot. If you want to have a yoga session at a different hour you can book a private session for $40 (max 3 people).


energy work and emotional freedom technique


energy balancing

ENERGY BALANCING TREATMENTS are based on the principles of Dr. Stone, who worked with the polarities of different energy flows in the body. It is a type of bodywork that relieves and releases emotional stress in the body. Emotional stress of all sorts can lead to blockages in the body and inhibit its natural flow of energy. By working through touch, breath work and even chanting on the positive and negative poles of energy we can release the blockages and reestablish a freer and more balanced flow of energy throughout the whole body at a deep level. You will feel more relaxed and connected with your body, emotionally more balanced and energetically replenished after a treatment.

A 1-hour session costs $50, 90 minutes $65.


Emotional freedom technique

The EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE or EFT is a self help technique based on acupressure in combination with the psychology of positive affirmations. It is a wonderful tool to overcome all sorts of chronic physical or psychological problems like headaches, back pains, anger, sadness, anxiety, fears, low self esteem and other negative emotions. All these problems are caused by a disruption in the body’s energy system. EFT provides a simple but effective tool to slowly restore the natural energy flow. It can be learned in one or two sessions, after which you will be able to apply this technique on your own. A 1-hour session costs $35.




MEDITATION SESSIONS are planned on request, for a minimum of 3 people. A meditation session can be silent or with interval bells, we can use one of several breathing techniques or chant (min 5 people) or do a visualization meditation. Meditation sessions are usually scheduled at the end of the day and take 30-40 minutes ($8 p/p)



“A mind that is stretched by a new EXPERIENCE can never go back to its old dimensions.”

– Oliver wendell holmes, jr.



“Leontien is fantastic. I first met her when I came to Little Corn in 2008 before she had opened the Karma Shack, so of course I had to check out her new place when I next visited. Her massages are very relaxing and the yoga is top notch. I highly recommend a visit to the Karma Shack!”                                                                                                 

Mark Gibson, Michigan, USA

Mark GibsonJohn Walker

“What I like best about Leontien is that she teaches from her heart. She immediately made me feel at home in her sweet island studio, and within moments of closing my eyes at the opening of her class, I was transported by her inspired words to a place in myself I call home. Her careful cues allowed me to embody each pose with new awareness, and her permission to be playful made the practice lighthearted and fun, while allowing me to stay deeply connected and calm. Thank you for the beautiful practice, Leo!”                                                                                

  Katie O’Connell, Dragonfly Yoga and Ayurveda, New Hampshire, USA



“The location of the Karma Shack in its colourful garden gives it a super tranquil and serene ambience. Leontien was one of the first people I met on Little Corn Island and I feel lucky to have become her friend. She is warm, wonderful and friendly. Make sure you don’t miss her yoga classes!”                                                              

 Todd Loth, British Columbia, Canada

“I am visitor to LCI at least once a year and it will be my future part-time home soon. A trip to LCI is not complete without scheduling at least a few visits with Leontien at the Karma Shack. The environment itself leads to instant relaxation, with the soft blowing breeze and the beautiful wood elevated loft – it has the most transcendent energy of all places I’ve traveled. And Leo’s massages – the best! She has a way of knowing where your body needs work and has the perfect balance of strength and therapeutic touch to begin the healing process for your body and soul. Can’t wait to see her again”                                                              

 Kara Dowdall, Washington, USA

“Vacationing on Little Corn for a month I got to know lovely Leo, the owner and Teacher/Massage Therapist at the Karma Shack. A few times a week I would come by for her morning yoga classes that were held in the cute little shack by the ocean, or outside under a beautiful jungle tree. On days when there were smaller groups, we would go with the flow and on a few occasions we did partner yoga which I thought was so much fun! Leontien is a great teacher and her classes cater to all levels of yoga.

I also had the pleasure of experiencing a wonderful massage that helped to ease my headaches that I was getting and overall made me relax deeper into the island experience of Little Corn. The Karma Shack is a must stop for those coming to the island seeking a relaxing yoga experience and massage! Can’t wait to go back and see Leo again!”                                                              

 Courtney Ellis, Ontario, Canada